Skip the flawed RFP process and find the right creative agency for your higher ed. institution.

If you couldn’t wait to read the proverbial stack of 60-page proposals in response to your request for proposal (RFP) you’d be the first. The weighty red-tape process is not something your team looks forward to when you’re on the hunt for a creative agency. But before you know it, you’re signing papers like you’ve been rushed to the altar. Committed.  

Proposals and a one-hour interview don’t tell you everything about a potential candidate, just like one date doesn’t tell you enough about a future potential spouse. You have to nurture a relationship to get the most out of it. You know, take it for a test drive first. Otherwise, you’re headed for a slog of a partnership — and a missed opportunity to do something truly special. 

You don’t have to lock yourself into one relationship at a time. On the contrary. Whether you want to fill the gaps your current agency isn’t filling or you’re in between long-term contracts, there are ways to date around without making your friends in the procurement department upset.

In this white paper you’re learn:

  • Why the standardized RFP process is constrictive and flawed when it comes to procuring creative services 
  • How to achieve more effective marketing results and build stronger agency relationships outside the context of an RFP
  • 3 under-the-radar ways to work with a creative agency without an RFP and still play by all the rules

Forget wistfully thinking about the one that got away. Think outside the RFP and you won’t lose them in the first place.

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They’re a pain to pore over. They don’t give you an authentic picture of your candidates. And they’re time-consuming to boot. Sure, they may be a safeguard for accountability and ensure you get a good price for your services. But at the end of the day, RFPs are just a necessary (bureaucratic) evil.

If only you could circumvent the cumbersome process without getting a strongly worded email from your friends in procurement department.

It’s your lucky day.

Standard RFP processes don’t facilitate opportunities to test the alchemy of a relationship between an institution and a creative agency (though they should). But that doesn’t mean there aren’t relationship-driven options that exist to find the just-right match. Don’t worry, they’re well within the rules of procurement.

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