Your guide to level up your higher ed. institution’s marketing technology stack.  Your guide to level up your higher ed. institution’s marketing technology stack. 

An email marketing platform, a content management system, a graphic design tool — of course your higher ed. institution already has a selection of software to support your marketing and communications team. 

But is your marketing technology (MarTech) toolkit optimized to add bandwidth to your (probably short-staffed) department? Is it giving you useful data to better your student recruitment efforts? Does your staff enjoy the tools you’ve chosen?

Selecting a MarTech stack isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Enter our latest guide. It features:

  • A comprehensive list of the benefits of impactful MarTech stacks for colleges, universities, and polytechnics.
  • 4 steps to building the perfect MarTech stack for your institution. 
  • Examples of marketing and communications software to suit your needs. 

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A marketing technology (aka MarTech) stack refers to the software tools your higher ed. institution uses for marketing and communications activities. When you select the right tools, they fit together like a puzzle. They form a complete picture of your department and help you execute your processes — from email marketing to social media management — seamlessly.   

If you’re thinking, “This is obvious. I already have software to support my team”, hear us out. Simply having a MarTech stack isn’t enough. Technology is constantly changing. And the higher ed. industry sometimes lags when it comes to adopting the latest software. You need an impactful and modern MarTech stack with only the best tools for your college or university.