5 research methods for planning stakeholder engagement.

Whether your institution is anticipating a rebrand or launching into a new strategic initiative, you’re going to need stakeholder support and engagement.

To realize that all-important buy-in, however, you need to gather your stakeholders’ thoughts and insights first. Failing to give students, alumni, donors, and faculty a chance to contribute puts you on the fast track to initiative derailment.

The truth is, you can’t possibly ask for too much input into, or provide too many opportunities to contribute to, institution-wide marketing initiatives. And that’s where choosing the right research methods comes in.

We’ve broken down 5 of the best tools for effectively garnering stakeholder engagement. Learn what each method involves alongside its benefits and drawbacks so you can determine the most effective silver bullet for your institution’s goals.

5 research methods for planning stakeholder engagement

Download our consultation research planning guide to find out what methods work best for engaging students and alumni.
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