Purpose (and mission, and vision) statement worksheet. Purpose (and mission, and vision) statement worksheet.

In today’s competitive higher ed. landscape, touting your superlatives doesn’t count as a differentiator. You may have the oldest business school in your community. Or the fastest-growing electrical engineering program. But how much does this matter to your other (read: majority) students, or your prospectives? (Hint: It doesn’t.) 

You need to stand out in a way that brings everyone together. You need a differentiator.

Every higher ed school is supposed to be a beacon of knowledge. That’s obvious. So the better question is: why are you? 

That’s where your purpose, mission and vision statements come into play. 

  • Your purpose declares what you stand for
  • Your mission defines what you exist to do and how you do it
  • Your vision states what you strive to achieve.

These strategic statements set your institution apart because no other school can claim them. And they’re something that everyone can get behind.

Use this worksheet to help you shape your purpose, mission and vision statements and declare your higher ed. differentiator.

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