Your guide to writing a great higher ed. case for support. Your guide to writing a great higher ed. case for support.

Writing a case for support is hard. Securing support for your higher ed. institution’s needs depends on finding the right words to inspire and motivate the right people.

And you aren’t only targeting major donors and alumni. You also need to authentically reflect opportunities for students, appeal to the priorities of members of the government, and address the needs of the business sector and your adjacent community. 

While no two fundraising campaigns are exactly alike, there is a baseline formula to build a strong and lasting case for support — one your higher ed. institution can reap the benefits of for years.

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • The most common sections that are featured in an effective case for support.
  • A modular outline to articulate your vision, share your story, and inspire your donors and supporters to take action.
  • Ways you can structure a case for support that will endure for years, lasting through your higher ed. institution’s evolving needs.
I searched online for resources on higher ed. fundraising, with mixed results. But when I found ED’s content, I said to myself – ‘This one, I have to print out.’
Glenn Davis,
Vice President for Development, Simmons College of Kentucky

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