9 media definitions you always wanted to know (but were too afraid to ask).

We’ve all been there: You’re in an important meeting and your media director is using jargon and acronyms with reckless abandon. CPM this and index that.

No one wants to be the person who raises their hand to ask, “Wait, what does that mean, again?”

Avoid feeling out of the loop and come to your next meeting fully prepared with our handy guide of the most common terms in media planning.

Whether you’re new to the media world or need to brush up on the basics, it will get you ready for whatever insider language comes your way.

*For resource page* 9 media definitions you always wanted to know (but were afraid to ask).

From view-through conversions to CTR and GRP, get the low down on the most common acronyms and jargon used in media planning.
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