8 steps to structure your higher ed.’s case for support.

Writing your higher ed. institution’s case for support is a daunting but noble endeavor. The pressure to find the right words to garner sufficient support can be stifling. 

To make your asking easier, let’s clear up a couple of things:

  1. Your case for support isn’t to ask for money. Instead, it’s to paint a vision of what your college or university can make possible, and to rally your community behind that vision.
  2. Your case for support isn’t a to-do list. Rather, it’s a connection between what you offer and what’s important to the audiences you serve. 

Now that you’re thinking in the right direction, use our content outline to help you get started. It has eight steps to get you from a blank page to campaign success. 

Download now.

How to Structure Your Case for Support.

Download this content outline to help you write a case for support that articulates your vision, shares your story, and inspires your donors and supporters to take action.
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