6 critical aspects that define a successful higher ed. brand story.

A brand story is an evocative narrative that inspires your various stakeholder audiences. It should be so authentic to your college or university that it resonates with everyone who encounters it. And it should feel distinctly yours, and help set your school apart from other post secondary institutions.

Wondering if your higher ed. brand story does all of that? You’ve come to the right place. 

This guide shares the six components of a successful brand story. Use it to diagnose your existing narrative, or create something (brand) new.

6 Critical Aspects That Define a Successful Brand Story.

Maybe your college or university doesn’t have a brand story – or maybe you’re not sure whether the one you have is as effective as it could be. This brand story assessment guide describes what you need from a strong narrative for your higher ed. institution – and where the gaps might be.
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